PURIFY'24 West - 5th Edition


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For any queries, contact: Rashi Jeswani: +91-9136600573; rashi@custage.com

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CUSTAGE Marketing Solutions LLP (CMSLLP) shall make every effort to ensure that the published information (printed, through emails, social media etc.) regarding the event schedule, speakers, talk titles, partners and venue for the conclave are correct at the time of publication. Errors, if any, are purely inadvertent. CMSLLP reserves the right to change, alter or amend the conclave schedule, speakers, talk titles, partners, venue or any facet related to the event. CMSLLP shall not accept any liability in this regard. CMSLLP will put in its best efforts, in its control, to reach this communication to you. CMSLLP shall not be responsible in any manner for any consequences arising directly or indirectly that you may face, from such information, missed information or any action based thereupon.

In the eventuality, if the event is postponed due to the pandemic, you shall have the option of getting your money refunded or adjusting it to register at the lowest price for the next edition.

If for some unforeseen circumstances, the event is cancelled by CMSLLP, within the control of CMSLLP, then the paid delegate fee will be refunded 100%. No other costs borne by you or loss incurred by you due to this cancellation will be borne by CMSLLP. The liability of CMSLLP is limited to the delegate fee only. Refunds may take up to 25 business days.

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